Irby Speaks to Hispanic Youth Group About Arkansas State Flag

In a recent presentation to a group of Hispanic youth, Irby shared information about Arkansas, the honorees in the Arkansas Flag 100th year of Celebration and his book My Arkansas My Home. A list of discussion questions were composed by the youth group leaders. Irby presented the questions to the youth and opened the floor for feedback and discussion.

Among the most popular questions were:

What is Arkansas’ official state animal? The answer is the White Tail Deer. Of course, the state has also been known as the bear state because the Black Bear was very common in its territory earlier in history. The Razorback Hog was a popular answer. One young lady asked, why is the Hog red? Irby answered, the Razorback image that you see representing the U of A at Fayetteville is a mascot and is a character whose colors are designed to promote those of the university (Razorback Red).

What is your favorite place to visit in Arkansas? Hot Springs was the number one answer followed by Pinnacle Mountain, the Big Dam Bridge and the Old Mill.

Can you describe the Arkansas state flag? Questions and discussion developed about the year and circumstances that Arkansas adopted its flag, what the stars represent, what the colors represent and who designed the Arkansas flag.

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